Lincoln Street Warehouse

Launched: September 2015

Location: 100 Lincoln Street, Lawrence Hill, BS5 0BJ

The Building: A two-storey warehouse with free parking to the front. Access is via a roller shutter with two staircases leading to the first floor. The total square footage is around 10 000, split equally over the two levels.

Size: 10,000 square feet

Spaces Available: Light industrial, open plan or sub-divided

Prices: From £120/month for a small space to £2,500 for a whole floor

Best Bits: Industrial aesthetic, community of musicians and makers, great value.

The Story: Lincoln Street Warehouse is an industrial project from Meanwhile Creative in Bristol. The ground floor is leased to our good friends Pirate Studios who have built soundproof units for band rehearsals. We’ve then sub-divided the first floor with OSB chipboard walls to create individual open-top spaces of varying sizes. They are suitable for messier and louder activities and therefore attract people doing hands on work.

Who’s here? Carpenters, makers and a rehearsal studio

"It's great to have so much space. I've been able to work on up-cycling projects 9x the usual size."

Chloe Edwards Made Anew

Available spaces

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