Bridewell Space (no longer operational)

Life: June 2012 – May 2014

Location: Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LA

The Building: Bridewell Space comprised two floors of New Bridewell Police Station, a name that is ironic at best, given the ugly, imposing seventies architecture featured. That said, the building had bundles of charm and a real DIY feeling. Doors had signs such as ‘Line-Up Room’, ‘Inspector’s Office’ and ‘Forensics’, odd remnants of time gone by left dotted around such as a huge safe or the occasional brown paper evidence bag.

Size: 12,000 square feet

Spaces Available: Private offices/studios, desks, gym, activity studio, art space, band rehearsal, parking.

Prices: Desks at £90pcm, private spaces £100pcm-£600pcm

Access: 6am-10:30pm

Best Bits: Great value, Bristol city centre location, colourful and creative environment, light and spacious kitchen, wired internet connections

Who Was Here: Photographers, personal trainers, artists, printers, upholsterers, writers, designers, videographers, fashion labels.

The Story: Bridewell Space was the first venture into the world of offices and studios for company director Fred. He approached the building owners with the concept of a ‘meanwhile’ let and we were dutifully given access to the first two floors of the tall, imposing building.

It soon became clear that the demand for affordable and flexible workspace in Bristol was huge. Within six months the space had reached capacity including an open plan desk suite specialising in social and environmental businesses. The tenants enjoyed a happy and creative environment with occasional social events and chances to meet one another.

Take a look at where the Bridewell Space tenants moved to, check out Pithay Studios

You can find out all sorts of useful information about using our office and studio space here

"Bridewell Space is great for my business, it couldn't be better."

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