Say Hello: Joe Lyster, Lumo Lights

Joe making Lumo Lights Bristol

This week we headed Lincoln Street Warehouse to meet Joe Lyster, founder of Lumo Lights.

Joe designs and hand-builds lighting from disused materials. His lights are clean-cut and finished to a high standard – it might surprise you to hear that they began life as boiler units before they were transformed.

“I love being able to repurpose things. There are so many reasons to. The lights are sustainable and cost effective. They’re made of things that would otherwise be sitting around somewhere, unused.”

Lumo Lights’ most recent designs have been crafted from copper boiler units. Joe removes the bowl-shaped tops of the boilers, grinds them back and attaches them to wooden legs, like those of a stage light. The result is a sleek and modern finish. The copper is naturally dappled with purple and blue hues, meaning no two are exactly alike.

Copper Lighting of Lumo Lights

“People trust older materials; especially given how many disposable plastic products we encounter day to day.”

Lumo Lights bespoke lighting Bristol

Although Joe has always been a creative and inquisitive character, his career path hasn’t always been obvious.

“As a child I used to take things apart and study their inner workings. But even DT at school wasn’t for me – I’d bitten off more than I could chew and tried to make a really complicated light project.”

After his time at school, Joe tried a number of creative lines of work, from labouring and engineering to music and photography. It wasn’t until he reached light-making that he was completely satisfied.

“I’m really interested in light – how the subtlest of changes can completely alter the mood in a room.”

After four years of handcrafting lights, and a year and a half of running Lumo Lights, Joe was starting to run out of space at home, and it was time to find a studio space. He joined us in Lincoln Street Warehouse at the end of last year, and is already thinking about moving to a larger space in the foreseeable future.

Joe's workspace, Lumo Lights in Bristol

Joe currently markets his work via pop-up shops and galleries. He works on a commission basis, and will usually create a series of lights for a client. He hopes to expand into the world of online shopping with the help of an intern or apprentice.

Whether you’re a potential client or an internet-savvy intern, you can reach out to Joe via email at You can also follow him on Instagram here. If you’re looking to follow a similar creative path, check out our studios and workshops in Bristol.

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