Meanwhile House Cardiff

Established: August 2016

Location: Curran Embankment, Cardiff, CF10 5DY (minutes from Cardiff Central train station)

The Building: Two storey office building built in the 1960s. An L-shaped floor plate creates two wings, one pointing north and the other west. It is heavily partitioned creating 62 rentable spaces measuring 50-1000 square feet. Most rooms are light and painted bright colours, all are clean and regularly sanitised. The lobby space on the ground floor to become a communal space with a kitchen nearby. There is ample outdoor space for a seating area and bike parking. To the rear of the building are four maker cabins each measuring 140 sq ft and featuring running water.

Size: 17,200 square feet

Spaces Available: Offices, studios, industrial kitchen, maker cabins

Prices: Private spaces start at £125/month.

Access: 6am – midnight, 7 days a week. Maker cabins are open 24/7.

Best Bits: Lots of natural light, varied sizes of spaces, communal break out space, parking option (subject to availability)

Who’s here? Chocolatiers, illustrators, writers, therapists, film makers, artists, IT technicians and many more.

The Story: This is Meanwhile Creative’s first project outside of Bristol and the first ‘Meanwhile House’. The building was home to Community Service Volunteers but has been empty for around two years. It is located just to the south of Cardiff Central train station, near Brains Brewery and Big Yellow Self Storage.

There are 66 spaces in total, when the project has reached capacity it is bound to become a hub for Cardiff’s small businesses and creatives. We hope to offer opportunities for informal networking, learning and business development.

Transport Links:

Cardiff Train Station – 6 minutes walking
Cardiff Bus Station – 7 minutes walking

"It's great to have an affordable creative hub in Cardiff."

Emily Kakili Creative Site Manager

Available spaces

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0292 225 0396

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