Say Hello: Molly Goldwater

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Ahead of exhibiting as part of East Bristol Contemporary’s spring 2018 programme from 1-3 June at the Trinity Centre, we caught up with artist Molly Goldwater in her studio, which occupies one corner of the shared space in our Lincoln Street Warehouse project.

We know you’ve only had a space at Lincoln Street for a couple of months, but it looks like you’ve been working here for years! We’re guessing that this isn’t your first studio space?
When I first moved to Bristol in 2012 I managed to snap up a space in Hamilton House, which I kept till my recent move to Lincoln Street. My block at Hamilton House was sold and the future of the rest of the building looks uncertain – which is very sad. However, I am very glad to have had to make the decision to join Meanwhile Creative. The value for money is amazing, as is the security of Meanwhile owning the warehouse.

Why is it important for you to have a studio in Bristol?
I moved to Bristol after my BA in London, where I studied Painting at Camberwell College of Arts. I am originally from Cardiff, so Bristol is a fantastic half way between the two – lots going on, creative and forward thinking in a manageable size. I am currently studying for my MA in Fine Art at UWE, but apart from this I think I have genuinely found a home here.

You seem to be a prolific worker! Tell us about your practice and the processes you use
I work mostly in paint and print, and more often than not I work with large scale canvas. I have always needed a studio because of this, and also because of how I work. I can get very messy, use rollers and household paint, large rolls of paper and mixed media. 

Molly Goldwater, Orange + Underlay

Molly Goldwater, Orange + Underlay, 2017. Screenprint + mixed media on paper

Do you sell much work?
I currently sell prints through Gallery 10, a gallery in Cardiff that I’ve had ties with for quite a few years now due to being from Cardiff. As I’ve got quite a few exhibitions coming up, I’m hoping that this exposure will help raise my profile and help me to start selling more of my large scale works on canvas too.

It sounds like you are doing incredibly well! Tell us more about your upcoming exhibitions.
I have quite a few shows coming up soon, starting with ‘Everyone Is Very Happy And Not Confused’ which is my MA group’s first interim show. This is at Hamilton House, with opening night on 24th May 6-8pm and the exhibition continuing until the 30th May.
I am also very excited to be showing as part of East Bristol Contemporary’s 20th show at the Trinity Centre from 1st-3rd June, alongside 3 other emerging artists. EBC is an artist-led gallery and project space that shows emerging artists from the South West and further afield. As well as exhibiting, I’ll also be running a free workshop!
I will also have a painting in ‘Doorways’ and 2 prints in ‘Murmerations’ as part of the Fringe Bath Arts Festival, which runs from 25th May – 10th June.

Molly Goldwater, The Ruse

Molly Goldwater, The Ruse. Painting and mixed media on canvas

You can view more of Molly’s striking prints and paintings on her website and Instagram. Better yet, go check out her work at one of her shows and experience the work in the flesh.

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