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Kate Broadhurst is a contemporary realist painter who has had her space at Meanwhile House in Cardiff for three years. From here she creates incredible acrylic art, below we speak to her about her work.

Kate, it’s lovely to talk to you. The last blog you did for us was for Cardiff Artspace, your workshop and art courses space. Now we’re curious to hear a little more about you and your personal studio. What has it meant for you?

It has been amazing to have a space to be creative in. I find I’m able to really focus in my space and some days I’ll be so involved in my painting that I’ll lose track of time and find myself working late into the evening.

And why Cardiff? What are your favourite things 
about the city?

I moved to Cardiff after university and stayed ever since. It’s a great city for artists, there’s lots going on and a nice creative community.

I love a visit to the National Museum Wales. They have a brilliant collection of paintings there and it is one of my favourite activities on a day off. Just to go and soak up some inspiration. I’ve been so many times now but I never get bored.

We love the National Museum too! Though we may not be as well acquainted as you… Can tell us a little more about what you do?

I’m a painter and I create art inspired by my travels in acrylic. I like to think of my paintings as snapshots of modern life: people, places, stories. It’s art that takes you places. Perhaps a piece reminds you of a favourite travel destination, or sparks a memory from your own adventures.

I’ve been painting pretty much all my life and I’ve been confident enough to call myself an ‘artist’ for a few years now. But this year I’ve finally figured out who I am as an artist and have created a brand around that which I’m really excited about.

It’s wonderful to hear how your confidence has grown in the past year. Are there any other interesting facts about yourself you want to share?

Over the years I’ve developed a distinctive painting style. A lot of artists stick to a certain colour palette and you can tell the painter, just from their particular use of colour. But I find I love colour too much to limit myself that way. Instead I use many thin glazes of acrylic paint to build rich, vibrant layers of colour. This creates beautifully atmospheric paintings where every brushstroke plays a part.

We’re very close to the new year now, what’s next for you in 2020?

In 2020 my biggest goal is to continue growing the audience for my paintings. It’s such a big challenge as an artist, actually getting your work out there and in front of people. Even more of a challenge is getting it in front of the people who will make a purchase. But I do believe artists provide a lot of value and deserve to be able to earn a living from their skills. So I’m determined to keep putting my artwork out there.

And have you any big clients or projects that you can tell us about?

My favourite series of paintings so far is my European Markets Collection. It’s the series that really started me on the journey of travel painting and helped me to find my voice. Markets are the heart and soul of a city. A place where people come together.The paintings highlight the extraordinary beauty that exists in these ordinary moments. They are big, bold paintings with vibrant colour and intricate detail. Each piece took me almost a month to paint!

So, what are the best parts of your job?

Painting! It is my absolute passion in life and the more time I get to spend doing it the better! I love being able to take a vision and bring it to life on the canvas.

… And the toughest?

The self doubt and the criticism that can come from others. Art is very subjective and there are so many opinions on what makes it ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It’s difficult to filter those out sometimes and have faith in what you’re doing. It takes a lot of perseverance and patience!

Looking back at your career, is there any advice you 
would have given yourself at the beginning?

When you start out as an artist it’s so easy to compare yourself to every other artist out there and think “Is my work good enough?”, “Should I be doing that instead of this?” You want to fit in and for your work to be accepted so you jump through hoops, chopping and changing styles. I’d tell myself to just stop doing this! In the end, I’ve returned to painting what I always wanted to paint. I had to stop endlessly looking through other artist’s work to help me find direction and instead look within myself.

Lastly, tell us about some of the other projects you’re involved with.

I also teach art classes which is a great way to share my passion for painting with others. It has been very fulfilling to see that creative spark come alive in other people.

To unwind I practice Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Sometimes after a long day, you just want to kick and punch some things! It’s a great stress reliever and keeps me active which I’ve found is really important to help me focus in all aspects of life.

More on Kate Broadhurst

You can find more about Kate and her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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