Office and Studio Space

Where can I rent office or studio space with Meanwhile Creative? Currently we have eight Bristol sites in operation, Pithay Studios, 36 King Street, Deben House, Lincoln Street WarehouseKingsland Studios, Freestone Studios and one in Cardiff, Meanwhile House Cardiff.

Each has their own style and benefits so be sure to read about which one might suit your needs. There may not be availability at all of the buildings so check out the spaces available board. If you’re looking for a desk in an open plan environment, Pithay Studios also offers Desk Spaces.

What’s the minimum term for renting an office or studio space? Here at Meanwhile we pride ourselves on offering flexible terms. The standard licence agreement we offer is a monthly rolling arrangement meaning the tenant only needs to give thirty days notice (on the 1st of the month) when they want to leave. If you would like a longer term, we’re more than happy to have that conversation.

What are the up-front costs of taking a space? We take a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent plus a pro-rata rent payment for the remaining days of the month. There is sometimes an additional deposit of £20 for an access card.

Will you do up a space before we move in? Spaces are always taken ‘as-seen’ unless otherwise agreed. Look closely at the condition of a space during a viewing as it will be much the same at the start of tenancy.

Can I alter my space? You certainly can, in fact we actively encourage it, there’s just a quick form to fill out that gets signed off by one of our team. Typical changes include painting, putting up shelves or altering the flooring. Sometimes we’ll put conditions on an alteration such as ‘making good’ at the end of tenancy.

What’s included in the price? This varies across our buildings so it’s important to always look at the listing and ask if you’re unsure of everything. Typically a space will include bills and internet but not business rates.

What’s the deal with Business Rates? Don’t stress! There’s some info that should explain all you need to know. Find out about business rates.

What hours are buildings accessible? Lincoln Street Warehouse36 King Street and Deben House are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pithay Studios is open 6:00am-11:40pm daily.

What’s the deal with the internet? At Pithay Studios each office and studio space has it’s own router with decent GPON fibre internet. Most buildings have a basic shared internet provision in the communal area, but you will need to get your own internet installed for your studio.

Can I sub-let my space? We are always open to people monetising their spaces and making it work for themselves, however, we do like to be kept informed about any subletting activities and we may object to it if there is a conflict of interest or similar.

Is there space for my company to grow and move within Meanwhile Creative’s property portfolio? Yes! We love when that happens, many tenants have grown and moved multiple times within a project or around several of our buildings to for more suitable spaces as their businesses have developed. We are always keen to help you find the right space. Gleem have the record, having had five spaces in four buildings.

What happens if I damage my space? Your first option is to ‘make good’ any damage, if this is not possible, let us know and we will visit your space to assess the damage. In rare cases we make deductions from the deposit to pay for any work that needs to take place. Deductions may also be made for removal of rubbish at the end of tenancy.

Do I need insurance? We have public liability insurance but not contents insurance. If you are looking to get your contents insured we suggest you deal with Apex who know our buildings, get in touch for more information regarding this.

Will there be other people like me in the building? Our buildings are packed full of people doing interesting, creative and entrepreneurial stuff. There’s often opportunities to work with other tenants and many have picked up jobs from each other. Check out our directory for an idea of the kind of individuals and companies in the network.

Will you put the rent up once I’ve moved in? So far we’ve never put up the rent for a space during a tenancy. We can’t guarantee that it will never happen but it certainly doesn’t form part of our way of working.

Do you have any spaces for musicians? Tricky bunch you musicians. We do have musicians working in our buildings but it’s very dependent on the specific space. The rule of thumb is that we don’t mind what people get up to (within reason!) as long as it doesn’t impact upon other tenants. A producer working with monitor speakers is less likely to be a problem than a drumming teacher. If you’re looking for rehearsal space, talk to Pirate Studios.

Can I bring my pet to work? If you have an extremely well-behaved and cute mammal, we are happy for them to join in the work party. Needless to say, we reserve the right to refuse admission!