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Affordable Office & Desk Space in Bristol

We offer relaxed office and desk space for small business, freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs to work alongside other friendly creatives including developers, designers and digital marketers. Our office and desk spaces are also a great option for businesses operating outside of Bristol to gain a presence in the city and gain access to everything Bristol has to offer. With our desk and office spaces, you have your own dedicated space that you can personalise and call your own. Be part of a collaborative environment with a rewarding workplace culture that will boost productivity and provide a sense of belonging.

Clean & Sanitised Coworking Space in Bristol

Our lively and connected co-working spaces offer a home for your business and a place for start-ups and SMEs to work and grow. We actively promote each of our tenants and encourage them to network and socialise with fellow Meanwhile Creative residents. This gives independent contractors and businesses the opportunity to network with fellow tenants, collaborate on projects as well as jointly bid for work that they may not have been able to deliver alone.

Self-Contained Studio Space in Bristol

Our studio spaces are home to an eclectic mix of music producers, artists, fashion designers and entrepreneurial businesses that create everything from bicycle wheels to arcade games and furniture. Our studios are perfect places to develop ideas, try them out and build the finished article in an encouraging and supportive environment. As with all of our workspaces, we encourage our tenants to share, collaborate and learn from one another. Whether you are a clothes designer looking to market your products or a software developer on the lookout for a unique piece of furniture, we do everything we can to support the success of our tenants. Our studios are well suited to makers and creative individuals particularly interested in hands-on activities such as printmaking, carpentry or crafts, and potentially making a bit of noise or mess.

Features of our spaces include:

  • All bills (bar internet) included
  • Super-fast WiFi internet access
  • Flexible monthly rolling contracts
  • 24/7 access, fully secure lockable storage
  • Plenty of power sockets, lights and natural light
  • Bustling creative community
  • Onsite car parking (subject to availability and additional cost)
  • Bicycle spaces and racks
  • Meeting rooms, breakout spaces and quiet zones
  • City centre locations - close to transport links

Discover Our Coworking Projects in Bristol

  • 36 King Street - aims to be functional and smart yet still retaining a bit of charm. The tenants all love being situated on one of Bristol’s most historic streets, close to the iconic St. Nicholas Market and Bristol Old Vic and complete with tudor houses and cobbles.
  • Freestone Studios - a warehouse in the St Philips area of Bristol, spaces range from 100-600 square feet and are perfect for artists, makers and creatives that need to do hands-on work and messier projects.
  • Kingsland Studios - an 18,000 square foot warehouse in the St Philips area of Bristol with dozens of studios, offices and workshops providing space for hundreds of individuals and businesses.
  • Lincoln Street Warehouse - a two-storey warehouse with free parking, ideal for carpenters, makers and musicians.
  • Pithay Studios - a modern, eight-storey office building in the heart of Bristol with private offices / studios, desks, retail, storage, studio production.
  • New! Feeder Yard - launching in spring 2020 and located in a warehouse just off Feeder Road in BS2, Feeder Yard will comprise shipping container studios enabling growth for tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, makers and creators.

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What is coworking?

Coworking has grown massively in popularity since the first coworking space was opened in 2005. When that first coworking space was launched in San Francisco the owners initially found it difficult to fill because no one had heard of coworking. Today coworking is accepted as a viable alternative to working from home, in coffee shops or corporate offices. There are coworking spaces in every UK city including many throughout Bristol including the six coworking spaces Meanwhile Creative have in Bristol.

Coworkers share office space with other business and freelancers. The emergence of new working practices over the last 20 years has seen more and more businesses and freelancers using coworking as a flexible option to develop ideas and grow their businesses. It is a great option for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and even corporates. Within our spaces, there are shared facilities such as meeting rooms, kitchens, free coffee and spaces to mingle with fellow coworkers.

How does coworking work?

Sharing space and amenities means that there are always ways to meet like-minded people who you can bounce ideas off and potentially meet new business partners. With flexible short-term contracts being the norm, new people come and go all the time bringing fresh ideas with them and building a sense of community. Our coworking spaces feature modern design, in stark contrast to the typical more conservative design of corporate offices. This gives our coworking spaces a buzz of excitement, making them a more enjoyable place to work that stimulates creative thinking.

What are the benefits of coworking?

Coworking is a logical next step for people who have set up a business and have been working from home or in local cafes and coffee shops. They benefit from:

  • Essential business facilities such as fast internet and the option to book meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  • Save money compared to leasing your own private office space as well as more flexibility.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded people as well as potential investors and business partners.
  • Modern innovative design and entrepreneurial atmosphere that stimulates the sharing of ideas and creative thinking.
  • Business address and a place to meet clients in a business environment.
  • Separate home and business lives, get away from the distractions that come with home working or working from cafes and coffee shops. This has been shown to improve productivity.
  • More control over the work that coworkers do including the type of work and the time they spend working.
  • Attract top talent due to high-profile business locations and the distinctive creative atmosphere of our coworking spaces.

Technology and coworking

The advance of cloud technologies such as G-suite, Office 365, project management and accounting software makes coworking far easier than it has been in the past. Cloud coworking means that it is simple to share documents, project plans and your latest financial position without having to meet people face to face. Colleagues and business partners can easily collaborate on projects in different locations and time zones.

Coworking trends

The 2018 Global Coworking Survey reported that 1.7 million people worldwide were coworking. The size of the average coworking space has risen year on year and now the average coworking space is home to 121 workspaces, up 19% on last year. The vast majority of coworking spaces target microbusinesses i.e. businesses with fewer than 10 employees. There is a growing trend towards offering industry-specific deskspace, for instance, there are makerspaces which attract people who want to create products, there are hackerspaces that target people with technology and IT skills, design spaces attract creative people such as graphic designers, interior designers and architects. There are even coworking spaces for professional services people such as lawyers.

Should I join a coworking space?

The gig economy is growing all the time which means that more people are choosing coworking as a viable option. It is the perfect choice for freelancers and one man bands, however, they are also becoming increasingly popular with SMEs and corporates who want to spark creativity within their own teams. The benefits are huge compared to working independently, coworkers work hard and play hard but on their own terms. There are lots of ambitious people working in coworking spaces throughout the world which provide coworkers with a ready-made network of business contacts.

Why Meanwhile Creative

Business in Bristol is booming but the nature of small business work is also changing, with more people than ever before going freelance. Meanwhile Creative’s offices, studios and coworking communities have been created to cater to the needs and requirements of the city’s emerging and extremely vibrant small business scene. Whether you’re a Bristol maker looking for a private studio or a startup in search of an affordable open plan office, we can provide you with the space to get you up and running in no time, with minimal interruption to your business.

At Meanwhile Creative, we also understand the need for flexibility that small businesses need to thrive and survive in an uncertain and competitive marketplace. This is why we don’t tie our tenants into yearly contracts but offer rolling monthly contracts, allowing small businesses to grow and move on at a time that suits you.

Get in touch today, to find out about the offices and studios we have to rent in Bristol.