Meanwhile in Cardiff: The Best Street Art in Cardiff

Street art in Cardiff

We’ve been running coworking spaces in Bristol from the day Meanwhile Creative was born. We’re no stranger to the city and its wonderful street art. Last summer, we launched Meanwhile House Cardiff. It’s about time we showcase some of the best street art in Cardiff, don’t you think?

1) Sepr

Sepr has painted a number of walls around the world, including a fair few in Bristol where he works as a tattoo artist. You’ll find this snazzy piece of street art in Cardiff.

2) Phlegm

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Phlegm is a popular cartoonist and illustrator. If you’ve seen his work before, you’ll know this is one of his right away. You’ll find this huge mural near Cardiff central station.

3) Pedal power by Colour Doomed & HB Art

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Both Colour Doomed and Helen Bur Art (also known as HB) have colourful and eye-catching styles. Their work features ambiguous themes that will make you stop and think. This piece is no exception, you’ll find it on Northcote Lane.

4) Home by Colour Doomed and HB

‘Home’ is another awesome piece of Cardiff street art by the Wasp Elder/Colour Doomed and HB duo. This piece, which was commissioned by Linc Cymru, was put together to raise awareness of homelessness.

5) HB and Colour Doomed

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Helen Bur and Colour Doomed really have made an impression on Cardiff. This is another of Northcote Lane’s gems.

6) Phlegm

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Here is another fabulous piece of street art by cartoonist/illustrator, Phlegm. This Welsh dragon can be found on City Road, and was painted as part of the Empty Walls urban art festival.

7) The Last Dance by Peaceful Progress

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This wonderfully colourful piece was created by Peaceful Progress – a professional street art organisation based in Cardiff. You’ll find it brightening the walls of an industrial estate on Penarth Road.

8) HB and Colour Doomed

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Before this mural, Cardiff was already known for its castle’s animal wall. HB decided to bring another version of the animal wall to the city, this time on Crwys Road bridge. This piece follows the evolution of a cell into fish, amphibians and mammals.

9) Love thy Master by Zed1

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‘Love your master’ was created by Zed1 as part of the Empty Walls urban art festival. Zed1 has a quirky and humorous style, and you’ll find his work all over the world. This piece features two of his well known characters.

And there’s more…

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We hope you liked our favourite pieces of street art in Cardiff. Don’t forget to check out our available spaces if you’re a Cardiff creative in need of a studio or workshop. You can keep up with the latest Meanwhile Creative happenings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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