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Cardiff Artspace, set up in 2017 by Kate Broadhurst, offers workshops and art courses to adults of all ages and abilities. It’s a space where anyone can put paint to canvas, experiment and make something unique. Here we catch up with Kate to hear all about it. 

How long have you had a space with Meanwhile Creative?
I’ve had the studio space for just over a year but I’ve actually had my own art studio with Meanwhile since the building first opened!

What has the space meant to you?
It’s been great to have a space that means we can make a mess! I’ve been able to make the studio my own and create somewhere that people feel comfortable. I also love that Meanwhile House is full of so many other creatives. It helps motivate me when I see what other people are working on!

Why Cardiff?
I’ve been in and around Cardiff for about 8 years or so now. I feel pretty settled here. It’s a great city and there are always lots of creative things to do and see here.

Yes! We totally agree. Any Cardiff must sees or tips for people visiting the city?

I love the arcades in town, so many places for coffee, cake and people watching! And I love a nice wander around the Bay or Bute Park. It’s important for me to get outside to relax after a busy week and Cardiff has a lot of options!

Can you tell us a little about how the business began?
I started the process Summer last year. It took a huge amount of planning as I needed some investment to get started. I ran a few taster classes initially which proved popular and I’ve gradually been expanding the classes ever since.

Can you share one interesting fact about Cardiff Artspace?
Creating art is a very mindful experience and I really believe that every single person can do it. I wanted to set up somewhere to unlock that potential in people. I always make sure I put on relaxing music so the art classes are very chilled and everyone supports each other.

And who is in the team?
Just me! I’ve always been very arty and have tried out a lot of different creative avenues. So I have a lot of experience to draw on and bring my enthusiasm to my teaching. I work on my own art alongside my teaching so it’s a great balance.

As with any business we appreciate their are ups and downs – what are the best bits of your job?

I’m just so proud when students come in as complete beginners, very hesitant and doubtful and then go away with big smiles when they’ve created something they are really proud of. For me it’s about encouraging every student as an individual, I love seeing their confidence grow and everyone’s unique style shining through. That’s my favourite part of teaching.

And the toughest?

Trying to remember to pace myself! I have lots of ideas and can get a bit over excited wanting to do everything at once! So I’m learning just to take my time and appreciate the journey too.

Looking back over your journey so far, is there anything advice you would have given yourself at the beginning? 

Probably just to follow my intuition sooner. I studied Animation at university which was a really interesting three years but I came out the other end still not quite sure what I wanted to do next! I worked in digital marketing for 5 years as a Project Manager and then Consultant. I enjoyed the work and gained lots of useful skills but I always had this underlying feeling that I was going off course. So I took a leap and quit with no real plan other than to spend some time on myself. I came back to painting – it’s always been my thing. I’ve not looked back since. From now on I just make decisions by a gut feeling and trust that deep down I know what I want!

And lastly, what’s new for 2019?
I’m so pleased with how the business has grown this year. I’d love to do an exhibition of student work so far and I have lots of exciting ideas for how to grow in 2019 and offer more options for people who want to get creative 🙂

More on Cardiff Artspace

Have a peek at some of the gorgeous work produced at Cardiff Artspace on their Instagram @Cardiff.artspace and Facebook or find out more about available classes on their website.

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