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On the one hand, Falcon Productions are storytellers. They create narrative driven films for creatives, artisans, and those with experiences to share. On the other hand, the team are distributers. They ensure that their videos reach the relevant audience, and that said audience will be captivated.

You may have already seen Falcon Productions’ work being shared on social media. A person who is passionate for their craft is something we can all relate to or aspire towards. Couple this with a well structured narrative and attractive cinematography and it’s hard not to become engrossed. So who is behind the project, and how did it come together? We popped in to Pithay Studios to find out.

Falcon Productions was launched earlier this year by Alex Rae & Duncan Parker. The Falcon team consists of a number of devoted creators with specific skill sets. From sound engineers to social media marketers, colour graders to writers and editors, they’ve got every area covered.

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For Alex, Falcon Productions was a natural progression from other projects. He has had a central role in Bristol web design and video company, Day One Media, since studying Web Design at university. Alex’s role in Day One Media has gradually evolved from being design focused to video focused. After working with wildlife filmmaker, Duncan Parker, the pair found the perfect niche – high-quality storytelling for passionate artisans.

Both Alex and Duncan agree that the most rewarding aspect of their work is the people. Working in a close team of creatives who are enthusiastic about their roles, and documenting the human experiences of their clients keeps them both feeling fulfilled.

“It’s great to work with humble characters who have real talent and passion”.

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There is no cut off for business size when it comes to clients. For small business owners, the work of Falcon Productions can help raise brand awareness and increase reach to the relevant audience. Larger brands will benefit from showing their human side, letting their customers know that their brand is relatable and approachable.

“We know that funding high-quality films can be difficult for smaller clients, but there are ways of finding sponsorships that can make it possible.”

If you have a story that’s worth sharing, Alex and Duncan are happy for you to get in touch. You can find out more on Falcon Production’s website, and you can check out their videos here. You can keep up to date with the latest Meanwhile Creative happenings on our Facebook page too.

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