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Burnt Soul

Fashion label Burnt Soul joined us in Kingsland Studios earlier in the year. As soon as we caught a glimpse of their awesome catsuits, we knew we’d have to get them on our blog, so we called by to say hello.

Robyn and Anna are the women behind Burnt Soul. Robyn began making catsuits in 2012, and in 2015 was joined by Bristol graduate, Anna, who takes care of all things PR. Since then, they’ve dressed the likes of Marina and the Diamonds and Miley Cyrus, and their catsuits have taken the fashion world by storm.

Robyn always knew that fashion was her calling.

“When I was a child my mum would come home and catch me cutting taking the arms off pretty dresses and cutting up old clothes. I had a really good teacher at secondary school who encouraged me to follow my ambition.”

Burnt Soul Kingsland Studios-2

Robyn grew up in Cornwall, and then moved to Bristol to study fashion at university. After graduating, she worked as a fashion intern in London, but found the industry to be too cutthroat.

Robyn returned to Bristol and spent some time creating bespoke wedding dresses, but fell in love with making catsuits after making a couple for a friend.

Burnt Soul Kingsland Studios

The demand for Burnt Soul catsuits has been growing ever since. In the last year, the business really took off.

“We were previously working in my spare room. It got to a point where there were boxes all over the house, girls trying clothes on everywhere, and the cat was covered in glitter.”

So Robyn found her perfect space in Kingsland Studios. There’s a post/packing area, a sewing area, an admin area, and a naturally lit photography area too. There’s even space for a giant glittery stiletto.

Burnt Soul Kingsland Studios

Burnt Soul is about positivity. Robyn wants people to feel empowered when wearing their catsuits.

“I hate putting something on and thinking ‘this will look good after I’ve been to the gym’. I want to put something on, feel good, go out, and have a great time. The process is about making people feel positive. The catsuits are made to a high standard, they might cost a bit more, but you know where they are made, that they’re designed and crafted with love, and that they’ll last.”

We LOVE their designs. You can check them out on the Burnt Soul website, and keep up to date with them on Instagram.

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