Say Hello: Meanwhile Creative at Kingsland Studios

Meanwhile Creative Paint Fight at Kingsland Studios Launch

For the last couple of years, we’ve been getting to know some of our wonderful creative tenants in our Say Hello blog features. This week, we thought we would take a slightly different angle. Meanwhile Creative have just launched our ninth project to date, Kingsland Studios. We currently operate six projects in Bristol and one in Cardiff, and our team is bigger than ever. We saw it as a good opportunity to share a bit about our team.

Telling you about ourselves would be too easy, and what’s the fun in that? We had a better idea. We gathered up the Meanwhile team and made them throw paint at each other in the new building.

It all started with Fred…

Fred - Meanwhile Creative Founder

Fred founded Meanwhile Creative back in 2012. He noticed two things about Bristol – that there was a vast amount of unused space in the city, and a thriving creative community. Putting these two items together was how it all began, and Meanwhile Creative started transforming said spaces into affordable workspaces for creative folk and SMEs.

Fred has a great entrepreneurial spirit that keeps the Meanwhile ship afloat. Failing that, he also has a chihuahua called Phil that visits the office in fancy dress occasionally.


Sian - Meanwhile Creative

Sian joined us just after Meanwhile’s third birthday as facilities manager. Her job is to make sure our buildings are safe and sound, and that tenants are kept happy.

“The best thing about my job is helping to keep the creative community in Bristol alive. Both our project and their projects grow with each other. I also get to meet owners of businesses that I didn’t know existed – there’s so much variety.”


Ellie - Meanwhile Creative

Ellie is the lettings manager at Meanwhile Creative, she helps business owners find a space that’s perfect for their needs. If you meet Ellie, she will probably be wearing something awesome. Rabbit pumps and a handbag in the shape of a whale are among our favourites.

“I like talking to people. The tenants I meet are so friendly, they invite me in to see what they’re working on. Watching that community grow is pretty cool.”


Jack - Meanwhile Creative

Jack is a curator at Meanwhile Creative. His job is to keep Meanwhile House Cardiff in order. From viewings to community projects, Jack is your guy. Jack is also an illustrator, and we love keeping up with his work on Instagram. What better person to look after creatives than a creative himself?


Jake - Meanwhile Creative

Jake is our maintenance guy. After freelancing for Meanwhile for a few months, we liked him so much we asked him to join the team permanently. There’s nothing Jake can’t do, and he’s been an invaluable help during building launches. If we get stuck, we call Jake.


Emma Clapp - Meanwhile Creative

Emma is our marketing manager. She joined us in Spring of 2017, and has analysed and refined our social media strategy to perfection. We love Emma’s ideas, and can’t wait to see how our channels evolve with her help. She’s also pretty awesome when it comes to planning events, if we’re hosting a party or a paint fight, we have Emma to thank.

“The people really make Meanwhile. The team are awesome and the tenants are so talented.”


Mona - Meanwhile Creative

Mona works on our social content and website. From interviewing tenants for our blog to photographing our spaces, optimising pages for SEO to keeping on top of creative happenings in Bristol, Mona is behind it.

“I have a perfect balance between artsy work and technical work in what I do for Meanwhile, which I really like. And I love that everyone here is so unique and a little bit eccentric. In a good way.” 

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the faces behind Meanwhile Creative (and watching us throw paint at each other). Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, where you can stay up to date with our latest news.

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