Say Hello: Viola Ceramics Studio

Viola Ceramics Studio

You may have encountered Viola Ceramics Studio through our social media channels already – when we first saw her designs we were quick to share. We recently called by to Freestone Studios to find out her story.

Viola grew up in a small city in Poland. She fell in love with clay during art classes at high school, and moved to Warsaw to study fine art to Masters level.

Viola Ceramics Studio

Viola offered clay tuition services in Warsaw, and launched her business – Viola Ceramics Studio, which quickly took off. After six years, Viola had a studio space, two staff, and a large customer base. She and her husband decided to relocate to Bristol, to make the most of the opportunities for creative businesses.

When Viola announced her relocation, orders from her customers in Poland came flooding in. She worked from the morning into the evening to get them filled, before packing her equipment into a van and driving for no less than 24 hours.

Viola Ceramics Studio

Although Viola has only been in Bristol for eight months, she has already proven popular here, and she’s retained her customers from Poland.

Viola’s mission in Bristol is to live life to the fullest.

“In Warsaw my studio was in a garden flat, and we lived in the flat above. There would be times when I wouldn’t go out because work was at home. It’s great being here, Bristol is friendly and beautiful.”

One of Viola’s favourite things about her work is taking on new challenges. Her popular ceramic handles and tiles (pictured below) both began as ideas from customers.

Viola Ceramics Studio

“I love adventure. When people bring new ideas it’s exciting. I will work with the customer to make sure my designs are original but in line with their ideas.”

Her favourite part of the process is revealing the glazed designs.

“Every time I open the kiln is like it’s my birthday – you don’t know exactly what will be in there. It’s a surprise!”

We adore her work! Make sure you follow Viola Ceramics Studio on Instagram to see more of her beautiful ceramics.

Viola Ceramics Studio

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