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Puzzle Maker Studios Bristol

Puzzle Maker Studios are a one-stop shop when it comes to music development. From mentoring to recording and mastering, video making to vocal coaching, there isn’t anything they can’t do. We called into Freestone Studios to find out their story.

Andrea and Danny are the duo behind Puzzle Maker studios. They each have strong musical talents in differing fields – Andrea in guitar, recording, and all things sonic, and Danny in vocals, songwriting and production.

A – “We each have our own set of skills that work together.”

Puzzle Maker Studios Bristol

Andrea grew up in a small town in Italy. From the moment he first picked up a guitar at age 12, he knew he wanted to pursue music. That ambition was easier said than done, because there were no options to study music beyond middle school. Andrea set his sights on further education in England, which lead him to BIMM in Bristol.

Danny, on the other hand, has always lived in Bristol. As a child he played flute in an orchestra, and at 15 he discovered his passion for songwriting when asked to create a song during enrichment week. After that song, everything snowballed for Danny. He was asked to enrol in GCSE music. When he was 16, and at the end of his GCSEs, Danny wrote an album’s worth of content and was scouted by Sony Music. He signed countless forms and contracts, and played at a number of venues and events, including Glastonbury and a tour with Westlife.

D – “One day it all just ended. And I thought, I’m going to go and learn all of this for myself.”

Puzzle Maker Studios Bristol

Danny and Andrea met in their first lecture at BIMM. They were put in a group and told to perform a song together, Danny sang and Andrea played guitar. The collaboration was such a success they decided to start a band together.

The pair were soon working together on production projects.

A – “At the start, we were working in the toilet in my student accommodation with a cheap microphone and borrowed gear, then we thought ‘let’s do it’, and we took out a small space and built up our gear.”

Andrea and Danny set up Puzzle Maker Studios when they graduated in 2014. Their gear collection grew and their available space to record in consequently shrunk. At the start of 2017 they moved in to Freestone Studios.

A – “We came to Freestone on an open day and knew this space was the one. The two rooms were perfect for recording and mixing, and the private entrance was perfect for our clients to carry their equipment through. We sprinted to the marketing manager to make sure we got the space before anyone else!”

After two months of decorating, Puzzle Maker Studios HQ was ready to roll. Their work became quicker and more professional than ever before, and the pair agree that they have a workspace they actually want to spend time in.

Puzzle Maker Studios Bristol

D – “From my experience as an artist, it drives me mad when you go to record a song, and an engineer pushes some buttons, says ‘OK’, and sends you home. We want to provide artists with the whole process, from song writing all the way through to branding.”

Many of Puzzle Maker Studio’s clients are young artists. Danny and Andrea are keen to support their clients in as many areas of artist development as they can.

A – “We’ve recently taken on a legal team so that our clients can have help with signing contracts. That’s something we learned through experience.”

And the best part of Puzzle Maker Studios? Danny and Andrea agree that it’s the reactions of their clients when they hear their final work.

D – “In the first project we ever worked on, we played the song to the artist and she burst into tears. The song was very close to her emotionally. It might sound cliché, but that’s what music is about. Emotion is a universal language.”

Whether you’re an established or aspiring artist, record label, or if you’d like to know more, you can find Puzzle Maker Studios on their website and Facebook page. Don’t forget to give Meanwhile Creative a like too!

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