Say Hello: Amalia Pascal

Amalia Pascal

This summer we welcomed a trio of artists to one of our studios in Deben House. They are Tom Goldstone, Amalia Pascal and Maria Jose Carvallo. Each of them has a unique story to tell, accompanied by an inspiring portfolio.We will be featuring them in a series of three blog posts to welcome them to Meanwhile Creative. In the final post of our series, we meet Amalia.

What’s your story?

Amalia is a Chilean artist with great interest in multiculturality, and learning processes for socially engaged art. In Chile, she studied Art Pedagogy, followed by a diploma in both Art Therapy and Leadership with focus on educational management. In 2014 Amalia came to London, to study a master’s in Art and Design in Education. This year she came to Bristol, where she worked in Spike Island.

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