Say hello: Sarah Dunbar

Sarah is a singer who teaches singing, English and piano from her Meanwhile House Cardiff studio. Here, we find out all about her and her space.

Hey Sarah! Lovely to meet you, can you tell us a 
little bit about your space, and what it has meant 
for you?

I was forever teaching and studying from home and I was desperate to create a distinction between home and work. When we found Meanwhile House it was exactly what I was after- a place to teach, sing and create.

Why Cardiff?

Wales is the land of song! Cardiff has a fantastic music scene and singing is very close to it’s heart. I love working in a city that is vibrant and busy whilst being close to some of the most beautiful beaches and national parks.

How did the business start?

I did a degree in English and Philosophy at the University of Southampton and begun to tutor English after that, soon becoming Head of English in a London tuition centre. I then decided to explore my singing further and did a Masters at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I then began to get opera contacts and concerts and then started teaching singing and piano in my spare time. My student base just grew and it soon became almost full time!

Can you tell us one interesting fact about your 

I teach ABRSM exams which is really rewarding as you get to see their hard work paid off in a lovely shiny certificate!

Any big clients or projects that you can tell us about?

I recently had a contract with Longborough Festival Opera singing in their The Flying Dutchman which was an incredible experience. The other month one of my dreams came true when I was guest soprano for a Brahms Requiem at the stunning Holy Trinity Church in Stratford Upon Avon.

And what are the best and the toughest parts 
of your job?

Performing, seeing progress in my students and most importantly building up their confidence are some of the best aspects of my job. However, it can be very frustrating working with voices that do not progress; some just don’t have the talent and I’m too nice to say!

Are you personally involved in any other projects?

I have the absolute privilege of working with the charity Lost Chord which produces more than 1,300 interactive musical sessions a year in 130 homes, designed to stimulate responses from people with dementia through the use of music. Before my first concert with them I knew the basic power of music: that it can heal and bring joy to people of all ages and stages in life, however I was truly struck by the sheer magic that song/music produces and saw some responses that blew my mind.

More on Sarah Dunbar
For more from Sarah Dunbar check her website here.

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