Bristol: Which Building Suits Me Best?

We have five buildings across Bristol each suited to different needs. If you’re looking for an office, studio or workshop space, but unsure which building is right for you, we’ve quickly run through what they each have to offer. 

So, in no particular order:

1. Freestone Studios

Freestone is an old warehouse building that has been carved up into smaller artist studios. It’s got a great community of people working from it and holds around 40 tenants. It’s a good place if you’re an artist or maker that needs somewhere to power up loud or messy machines. In the past we’ve had upholsterers, ceramicists, carpenters and jewellery makers here.

Most suited for: Artists and makers

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2. 36 King Street

This building is right on King Street with Bristol Old Vic to one side and Framework to the other. 36 King Street is the most traditional of our spaces and best for offices. It’s bright and airy and has around 2 – 3 office spaces on each floor.

Most suited for: Small, already established businesses or ambitious start-ups

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3. Pithay Studios

Situated in BS1, a 2 minute walk from Castle Park – Pithay Studios is our building with the biggest array of business types. From gyms and dance studios, to music studios, coworking desk space, a cafe and a bike shop it’s really got it all. The spaces situated to the front of the building have large walls of windows and make for great offices for small businesses. At the bottom of the building are the basement rooms – great for music production. 

Most suited for: Pretty much everything! Though not maker spaces that require a place to make noise and a lot of mess. 

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4. Kingsland Studios

Like Pithay, our Kingsland Studios holds a mixture of different businesses and some of our largest spaces. It’s right next door to Freestone studios and good mix of creative enterprise and medium/big businesses. 

Most suited for: Most things (within reason…)

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5. Lincoln Street Warehouse

Our most affordable spaces can be found at Lincoln, a converted warehouse in Easton with Pirate Studios underneath. 

Most suited for: Makers that require loud or messy machinery.

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So, there we have it. If you’re looking for a space of any size and still unsure where to be looking, just give us a call on 0117 244 3585 and we can run through what’s available now. Alternatively click here, to see a full list of everything that’s available now.

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