Helpful information for Meanwhile tenants

Below is some information that we’ve put together to help you get the most out of your time with Meanwhile Creative.

More detailed information about things like access, fire safety and facilities can be found in the induction pack that you were given when you first signed up to your space. Please contact Max directly if you need this information resending.

Maintenance and facilities requests

From time to time you may need us to fix something in your space, or spot something that needs attention in the communal areas. The most efficient way to report this is through our online maintenance form.

Reports submitted through this form are immediately seen by our team and are dealt with swiftly.

Submit a maintenance request here:

We encourage you to make your space your own, but please request permission before painting, putting up shelves or altering your studio in any way.

Submit an alteration request here:

We aim to respond to all maintenance and alteration requests within two working days. Many requests are dealt with much more quickly than this, but please bear in mind that we have to prioritise jobs according to urgency.

Access Card Request

If you want to request an access card you can do so by filling out this quick form:

Business Rates

Whilst you may not necessarily be classed as a business, the space that you occupy is a commercial property and so business rates are chargeable by the council. However, as you should be aware, most of our spaces are eligible for Small Business Rates Relief.

Business Rates are the responsibility of the tenant, not the landlord. So it’s up to you to notify the council when you moved in to your studio and it’s also your job to make sure you let them know when you move out.

1. Tell the council you’ve moved in here:


2. Take 2 minutes to apply for Rates Relief here:


3. Tell the council you’ve moved out here:


Failure to notify the council can lead to complications and unwanted bills. As you as the tenant are liable, it’s in your best interests to take 5 minutes to get this sorted.

Join the Meanwhile Facebook groups!

We frequently share updates via our tenant Facebook groups. Group members can also post updates, enabling you to communicate with other Meanwhilers in your building and across the network.

You can use the group to shout about a promotion or event you are running, shift unwanted furniture, share job opportunities and make new connections.

Please note, these Facebook groups are for our tenants only, with requests to join and posts approved by the Meanwhile team.

 Join the Bristol group

 Join the Cardiff group

 Join the Manchester group

Marketing support and opportunities

The more you engage with us, the more we can do for you. Follow us on social media and tag us into your posts so we can help promote your business.

Instagram @meanwhilecreative
Facebook @meanwhilecreative
Twitter @hellomeanwhile

If something big is happening in your world get in touch with our marketing team so that we can help amplify your message. We love to help promote your events, promotions, latest collections and works through our blog and social channels.

Get in touch with Alice via and we’ll see what we can do.

Also make sure you submit your Tenant Directory listing for our website:

Ending your tenancy

If you’ve decided to move on, you will need to give 1 full calendar month’s notice on or before the last day of the preceding month.

To officially submit your notice, you will need to complete our online ‘end of tenancy’ form:

Once received we will accept this as formal notice and then confirm with you by email.

Meanwhile Creative team 2018

Contacting the team

Meanwhile Creative office: 0117 244 3585 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday)

Emergency out of hours*: 08444 176 371 (alarms and security)

Team contact details

*Please note: you may be charged a call out fee if used in a non-emergency.