Wave n400

Wave n400 used Meanwhile Creative to find band rehearsal rooms in central Bristol. They use the ample facilities on the Bridewell Space compound. You can find out more about the rehearsal rooms here.



In mid-2011, I completed my studies and decided I wanted a change, to leave Australia and throw myself in the deep-end on the other side of the world. I did some research into the UK music scene, and read from various sources that Bristol was a melting pot of vibrant and diverse artists and bands, and I decided this was where I was to reside for the next 2 years, even before I departed my homeland.

Within my first month of arriving in Bristol, I replied to an ad on Gumtree, detailing an established act looking for a replacement drummer; ideally someone who had their own style behind the kit and could further develop the material that had already been composed. After the first meeting and audition, I knew I had found ‘the project’ I wanted to get involved with, and from that first moment, things started to take speed. Over the first year together, we had the opportunity to play at many of the top live music venues in Bristol, and also found our place of work, in the ever-creative hub that is Bridewell.

Our project went on to develop a unified identity, style and sound.



The rehearsal rooms and facilities that were available to us at Bridewell have been pivotal in our growth and development as a band, but also offer us the opportunity to surround ourselves with like-minded artists, some of which we collaborated with in many different forms. It’s a creative space, bringing together a whole range of artists, opening networking opportunities and enabling our band to further cement ourselves in the local music scene.


The band rehearsal rooms have an adjoining room for instrument storage, accessible 24hrs/day. This meant at no point do you have to move your gear on a daily or weekly basis. If you had shows, recording sessions or other commitments, you can access your instruments at any time to pick up or drop off, an element of freedom that proves extremely valuable. The price we paid for the space could not be matched by any other rival band rehearsal rooms. As an independent artist or up-and-coming band, funds are always tight, but what Meanwhile Creative offered for the monthly price was a really attractive prospect.



Unfortunately due to my VISA situation, I had to leave the UK and return to Australia. However, our project is continuing to grow. We will be releasing an 8-track record early next year, and the high level of commitment and love the whole band still has for the project is evident and over-whelming. There is no doubt that even if the world divides us as a group, we will continue to collaborate, compose and produce music in the future.

In three words, I would describe Bridewell Space’s rehearsal rooms as accessible, community orientated and stress-free.


"The rehearsal rooms and facilities that were available to us at Bridewell were pivotal in our growth and development as a band."


Wave n400