Tickety-Boo are based in a studio in Bridewell Space, Meanwhile Creative’s pilot project in Bristol city centre.



I do upholstery, commissions for others as well as buying derelict pieces, waving the Tickety-Boo wand over them, and selling them. My business started when my previous job evaporated (Art Department in a very small media company) after maternity leave ended (can’t really do 6am to midnight set builds with a baby) and I went a bit crackers and joined a women-only upholstery class. I never looked back.

Before finding Meanwhile Creative we worked out of our ‘spare room’. It was, umm, challenging. No, it was a complete nightmare, and our house was filling with furniture and materials, and my goodness, every day turned into the classic working-from-home wrestle about whether to do the washing-up or the upholstery.



Using Meanwhile Creative and being situated at Bridewell Space has been liberating! I try to make it like an office job- and get there as early as I can after school drop-off. I love being my own boss- but within a setting where I can be as social or anti-social as my mood takes me. If the room is empty (I share with others), I can properly crank up the music.

It’s cheap, cheerful, no fuss, no frills. I can concentrate on my business without worrying about lightbulbs or business rates, I feel safe and supported. It’s great developing business relationships in the building, I would be a fool not to use the photographer down the hallway! Jose (Pictureye) has been amazing. I hope to be able to throw some more work his way in the future. Tovi (Tovicorrie) has given me some leather to practise on (the upholsterer’s nightmare), with a view to a possible collaboration- putting his beautiful printed leather on some fabulous furniture.

Most of Tickety-Boo’s things are one-offs as it’s doing up old furniture, BUT, I am collaborating with an very crafty cabinet-maker on a range of footstools and daybeds. *rubs hands together excitedly*. I am also beginning to experiment with designing my own patterns for bespoke fabrics, se we can be totally Tickety-Boo from top-to-toe.



I look forward to seeing where the design-end of the business goes. If it’s a winner, we’ll run with it and Tickety-Boo might be making more furniture than re-upholstering. In five years time, obviously, I will have TAKEN OVER THE WORLD, or at least, be properly in the black. We would possibly want a bigger premises, definitely on the ground floor! We would also love a physical shop front to partner our online presence.


"Before finding Meanwhile Creative we worked out of our 'spare room'... it was a complete nightmare."