Three Kings High

Tom from Three Kings High found studio space and a band rehearsal room through Meanwhile Creative. He is currently situated at Bridewell Space.



I run a small project studio from Bridewell Space, working on music for my band, Three Kings High, as well as creating music for TV & radio, apps and other bands or artists. I was originally working from home, but with new music equipment and larger bands, the space runs out and your work ends up taking over the house.  The majority of my equipment would be stored elsewhere until I needed it, which was always a nightmare. You can’t plan flashes of inspiration, so it stifled the work flow. Not ideal for either work or home life!


I’ve been running the business for about eight years now, but since joining Meanwhile Creative, I have been able to dedicate more time and energy into it, and it’s a better band space for clients and collaborators to come to.



It’s been great being at Bridewell Space. I’ve got the base I’ve always needed and am more than happy with how the last year has panned out for me, now I have a proper studio as well as the band space. It’s close to where I live and it’s central, which makes it easier for people to find. Also, the space is large and I now have room for all of my toys to be out and in reach whenever I need them. Unfortunately I keep buying more, so the space is filling up.


Currently with the band, we’re between Bristol and London every week, recording and playing shows, and we’re on tour through the UK in March. Trying to find time to write music for syncing is getting harder, but it’s better to be busy.



It’s currently at a place where I’m happy with how it’s working but I’d like to get into artist and band development. Taking what I’ve learnt and helping new bands to get on the next step on the ladder.

"Currently with the band, we’re between Bristol and London every week, recording and playing shows"


Three Kings High