The Pool

Matthew and The Pool are based at Bridewell Space. He kindly shared with us his experience as a business owner and tenant of Meanwhile Creative.


The Past

We are The Pool, a deejay booking agency spawned from the legendary record label Nuphonic. Before Bridewell we were based in a studio loft on top of a hill on Wells Road, it had great panoramic views of the city though it was a tad hot in summer.  We were constrained in the early days by working in a bedsit, along with a lack of experience and money.


The Present

At Bridewell Space we are based in the old witness waiting room (Bridewell Space used to be the home of Bristol’s police service), let’s say there is a certain vibe here.  To quote an old Nuphonic record, “the old bill fix our leaks”.


It’s a central, creative community run by nice, likeminded people. We are pleased with the kitchen, internet, recycling, rates and the coffee and cake on Thursday mornings! You are able to develop business relationships in the building, we benefited from the United Kingdom Trade and Investment department visiting for consultations, as arranged by Meanwhile Creative.


We’re always signing new acts to our ever evolving roster of artists and looking at how to tour them to the best promoters and event organisers around the globe. For a musical flavour of what we do check out or Soundcloud, which is updated with new mixes regularly. You can also read more about our acts on our fanzine, or on Facebook and Twitter.


The Future

What we do is very global, we want to expand on that over the coming years. It’s going to be more of the same, but louder, faster, stronger, longer etc.! There are various exciting ideas in the pipeline but we’re keeping them under wraps, here at The Pool we like the unexpected, trying to live true to that is the key!

"It’s a central, creative community run by nice, likeminded people."


The Pool