Layered Technologies

Layered Technologies specialise in developing software, connectivity and security platforms. Lee Watts founded the company two years ago. Making the switch from home-based work to coworking in Pithay Studios has meant great things for their growth, and we are proud to have watched them grow.


In 2014, Lee decided to quit his day job and work as a freelance IT consultant. It quickly became apparent that working from home wasn’t the most productive means of getting things done, with the fridge and TV as constant distractions.

Lee started looking for creative coworking options in the South West. Many were too expensive or had inflexible terms. Finding desk space in Meanwhile Creative was a blessing for Layered Technologies. Being surrounded by designers, modellers, programmers and a drone driver gave Lee a positive energy that motivated him in his work. In no time at all, Lee was receiving multiple requests to design and build new products.

As the workload increased, Lee found himself in need of support. He employed two apprentices, which was only possible thanks to the affordability of Pithay Studios. The others working in desk space were happy to reshuffle and accommodate the Layered Technologies team. The trio were able to work together and amongst other creatives.

The location of Pithay Studios was of high importance to Lee’s wellbeing. With nearby gyms, restaurants and bars, he was able to fuel both his own and his employee’s happiness, and keep the team working with a positive energy. He feels that this helped springboard Layered Technologies into rapid growth.


Today, Layered Technologies have five employees working in Pithay Studios. Lee is happy with the flexibility and affordability of his desk space, and feels secure knowing there will be no sudden price increases. The company have worked out their strengths and weaknesses, and feel confident they can produce software that sells well and leads to customer satisfaction.


The future of Layered Technologies will see lots of promotion. The team will be commissioning animations and hiring a/v equipment to take to conventions around the country. The promotion will see further opportunities for expanding the team. Lee also plans to take on some more staff to help with the admin side of the business. We wish them every success, and have been thrilled to watch them grow with us.

"The affordability and flexibility of desk space at Meanwhile Creative has allowed me to focus on growing Layered Technologies. We wouldn’t have grown this much anywhere else."

Lee Watts

Company Director

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