Meanwhile Creative for Landlords

Do you have a dormant commercial space?

Is it costing you money in insurance, security, or maintenance?

Would you like to make it profitable once again?

How about giving a leg-up to small and medium sized businesses in the process?

Meanwhile Commercial is the sister company of Meanwhile Creative, dedicated to finding positive property solutions for landlords with dormant space. Here’s five easy reasons why you could benefit from our services:



1. Income – we can generate your business up to £14 per square foot per annum

2. Business Rates – let us take care it

3. Security – we eliminate risks of squatting, break-ins and much besides

4. Value – we can transform derelict spaces into vibrant work hubs adding value to your property

5. Hassle – with a proven track record, we take out the hassle and keep it simple for our landlords


If you would like more information about putting your property to profitable and positive use, head to the Meanwhile Commercial website or make contact right away.

"We can make your dormant space profitable again."

Fred Wyatt

Meanwhile Creative

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