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How much does it cost? Pithay Studios has its own co-working space where you can rent your own desk for just £99 a month. This is an all-inclusive price, there are no service charges, bills or business rates.

How long is the contract? We operate a monthly rolling licence, when you want to leave you need to give us a calendar months notice. Currently we are not offering daily or hourly rates.

Is internet provided? At Pithay Studios each group of two-four desks has its own router offering GPON fibre internet, this is included in your monthly fee.

What are the up-front costs of taking a desk? We take a deposit of £99 plus a pro-rata rent payment for the remaining days of the month. There is an additional refundable deposit of £20 for an access card.

Where are desks available? At the moment we are only offering desks at Pithay Studios, our project in Bristol city-centre. Most of our studios and offices are private, though do offer a handful of shared studio options at Deben House and Freestone Studios.

Can two people share a desk? The rule of thumb is one person per desk at any one time. Two people can share a desk but not regularly use it at the same time.

Are there meeting facilities? We provide a basic meeting room absolutely free of charge. It’s not got bells or whistles but it’s a nice bonus for desk space users. There’s a simple sign-up form on the door.

Do you provide telecoms? We don’t provide phones or phone lines. We suggest using IP phones which can be plugged straight into the routers at each desk. This can cost as little as a tenner a month, we use Virtually There.

Can I make phone calls in the Desk Space? Phone calls are absolutely fine but we suggest that anyone looking to make high volumes of sales calls would be better looking elsewhere as it is a quiet environment.

What kind of people work in the space? It’s a real mix and we don’t actively screen people based on the industry in which they work. That said, the space has naturally attracted a lot of people working in the creative and tech sectors. Designers and developers will find themselves in good company! Check out the range of businesses in the Meanwhile Creative network in our directory.

Is there a kitchen and somewhere to sit away from the desk? Pithay Studios offers a kitchen with a fridge, kettle and microwave. There is a comfy seating area within the Desk Space as well as a cafe on the ground floor.

Can I leave my stuff at my desk when I’m not there? You are most welcome to but it is always at your own risk. Leaving expensive equipment on display is not advised.

Can I bring my own desk in? Typically the answer is no unless there are special circumstances. You are welcome to provide your own chair.

Do you stay on the same desk? Yes, we operate a fixed desk policy, though you can change which desk you use when another one becomes available. We don’t offer hot desks.

Is there secure bike storage? Yes! We offer secure off-road bike storage for all Pithay tenants. There is no on-going fee for this, just a £20 deposit for the access card.

Tell me some of the best bits! Pithay Studios has an onsite cafe, gym and dance studio which all form a part of the creative environment.

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