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We’ve been honoured to watch Bristol-born cleaning company, Gleem, grow. Founder, Joe Edwards, joined us at Meanwhile Creative from the day Gleem was born. Two years down the line, he works with a party of seven from a sunny studio in Deben House. Their profits have more than tripled, and their customer base now includes a vast proportion of the South West. We called in to hear their story.

How does cleaning with Gleem work?

Gleem isn’t your average cleaning company. They prioritise quality and reliability, so you know you will be getting the best service. You can sign up to either regular cleaning or a one-off session, and the Gleem team will ensure you’re getting a top-rate service from a trustworthy cleaner. They are so confident in this that they provide a satisfaction guarantee as standard. You can’t go wrong.

Gleem: High quality cleaning Bristol

What is Joe’s story?

Joe was born and raised in Bristol. Upon graduating from secondary school, he realised that his grades didn’t reflect his ability, and decided to turn his life around. Joe got himself a place at university, graduated with top grades, and travelled the world for three years.

After returning from his travels, Joe headed to London to work in finance. It soon became apparent that Joe was dissatisfied with the finance industry, so he returned to Bristol to take on every free business workshop going.

The next step for Joe was finding a niche with business potential. Surprisingly, the million-pound business idea that is Gleem was sparked from social networking service and source of mass-procrastination, Reddit.

“I met a Redditer who was in the cleaning industry. He answered a lot of my questions, and I quickly noticed that the industry was very traditional in its approach.” 

Joe began a cleaning service that charged a flat-rate. He bought a £5 logo and handed flyers out across Bristol. After just £200 of investment, Gleem had its first customer. This happened so quickly that Joe had to carry out the clean himself!

Gleem: High quality cleaning Bristol

Soon after this, Joe joined us at Meanwhile Creative. He took out a desk in Bridewell, our first coworking space. When we moved to Pithay Studios, Joe came with us. By this time he had a couple of interns taking care of his administrative work, and a selection of reputable cleaners.

When it was time for Joe to invest in a larger office space, he moved with us again, this time to King Street. In this office, Gleem took on their first employee, Gareth. After just one year, they had transformed their £200 start-up cost to an £80k return. Not bad.

“Working in Kings Street was great for business. I met many other business owners, including Rob from Wriggle.”

The story retells itself, by Gleem’s second birthday they needed more space. We were thrilled to welcome the team of eight into a large studio in Deben House. By their third birthday, the company forecast breaking the £1 million mark in their returns.

Quality cleaning in Bristol

Gleem: The future of cleaning?

Thanks to the hard work of Joe and his team, Gleem are now known throughout the South West for their high quality cleaning services. The hope to expand their offerings in the near future, to also offer electrical and gardening services. Their aim is to triple their profits year-on-year. If their past is anything to go by, we have total faith that they’ll be able to do it.


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