Bristol Bridge House (no longer operational)

Life: December 2013 – November 2014

Location: Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6QR

The Building: Bristol Bridge House is a high-spec office building with a lavish marble concourse that can only have been built in the eighties. It sits on the riverside benefiting from floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides.

Size: 2000 square feet

Spaces Available: Private offices/studios

Prices: From £175pcm

Access: 24hour

Best Bits: Fantastic Bristol city-centre location, attractive fit-out, creative community atmosphere, large break-out space

Who Was Here: Dressmakers Pearl Bespoke and Laura M Davey, Entirety Clothing, DryCry Clothing a yurt maker, artists, a parking start-up.

The Craic: Bristol Bridge House was our second ‘meanwhile’ project. The developers had grand ambitions for a residential conversion but nothing was happening in the meantime. We offered to take the space on a quarterly rolling contract and before we knew it we were erecting chipboard partitions and painting doors in bright, primary colours.

Following the fit-out, we quickly filled the space with small businesses and individuals with creative pursuits including Laura M Davey Dressmaking, Pearl Bespoke, Funi Beanies and Entirety clothing. The project was short-lived as conversion plans became a reality; the tenants all seemed to agree it had been a great place to call home for that period.

You can find out all sorts of useful information about using our office and studio space here.

"There's just the right amount of social interaction to feel motivated and enough peace and quiet so I can get on with work."

Jemma Funi Wear

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