Painted Peach

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Painted Peach offers bespoke face and body painting services for weddings and other high end events.

For the more extravagant or eccentric events/clients, we hire out body painted models or performers. These can add great visual interest and an unforgettable talking point by serving canap├ęs or drinks, greeting or guiding guests on the day and also providing performance. We have a range of very talented performers from fire dancing, aerial artists, dance, acrobatics etc.

We have also just started offering Bridal Body Art which is completely unique to Painted Peach (see wedding section on website for examples).

Face Art and Glitter stations are also becoming increasingly popular for a wide variety of events. As well as having lots of beautiful holographic glitter, we have also recently invested in biodegradable glitter to cater for the more eco friendly clients and venues.

Please see our website for more details and get in touch for bookings and collabs.