Charlie Tuesday Gates

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Artist, taxidermist and performance artist, Charlie Tuesday Gates is a one stop shop for all manor of creative endeavours. Whether it's bespoke fashion creations or bringing roadkill back to life, her studio is a sanctuary for all things weird and wild.

After graduating with a degree in sculpture, Charlie Tuesday Gates went on exhibit internationally and gained a reputation for unique and challenging sculpture, video and performance art, creating 'Sing For Your Life' a multi-award winning political comedy staring dead animal puppets.

Her fashion brand Mind Like Magpie has had pieces commissioned for Beyonce and Elton John and seen on the holy head of Cara Delevinge, with creative transformation at the heart of her ethos.

Gates artwork has been exhibited in Museum Arnhem, The Horniman Museum, the cover of Design Week, inside The Huffington Post, Time Out, The List, The Londonist, Evening Standard, The Daily Record, The Independent, The British Theatre, The Church of England, Notion, Clash, Mix Mag, Bizarre Magazine, Dazed and Confused & Vice. She has worked with Diesel, BBC Film, Film London, Future Cinema and many, many more.